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Hotel Cambodia Pilot To Broadcast In Canada

Hotel Cambodia, a documentary/pilot featuring Mitch St.Pierre, Skot Sanderson, & Veronica Trunzo has just been acquired by CBC Documentary. Hotel Cambodia was filmed at the Lotus Lodge and around Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Welcome to the Lotus Lodge. On the edges of Siem Reap, rests a 36-room boutique hotel equipped with a quaint bar and restaurant, complimented by the draw of its aqua blue swimming pool.  Lotus Lodge battles to become a haven for travelers and backpackers interested in exploring the Kingdom of Cambodia. Hotel Cambodia is a television show chocked full of personal drama, cultural conflict, Cambodian history, and personal tragedy triumph to engage a wide variety of audiences.



BFT Children Learning How to Swim at Lotus Lodge

Lotus Lodge was delighted to have some of the children from Build Your Future Today Center swim at the Hotel. Volunteers gave swimming classes to some of the children.

BFT is highly committed to providing the opportunity for people, especially children who have been living through hardship and poverty, with effective solutions to improve their lives. This is built upon two principles. First, that “Knowledge is hope”, and second “Peace is development”.

For more information and or to get involved, please visit their website