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Filming in Cambodia for Med School Music Record Label

Max Palmer, an adventurist and film-maker, has recently joined the Ancient Adventures Cambodia & Lotus Lodge team.

In the past few months Max has been working diligently around Asia and with our wonderful team at The Lotus Lodge & Ancient Adventures Cambodia. They ventured off the beaten track to find beautiful countryside locations for the filming of parts of what will be several videos for Med School Music Record Label ( ).

Many shots were filmed in beautiful locations not far from The Lotus Lodge in Siem Reap. Cambodia.

It’s only been a few years now that filming in Cambodia has become a more frequent filming location. Cambodia’s incredible landscape is covered with unspoiled natural beauty, splendid rice fields, palm trees, countryside with mountains in the back ground, empty beaches, bustling markets, vibrant cities and the largest set of ancient temples in the world forming a harmonious whole. Above all this, its people, their charm and warm-hearted hospitality make shooting in Cambodia a real option for shooting in exotic Asian locations.

Etherwood – Disposition (feat. Rocky Nti) – Official Video

Etherwood – Shattered (feat. Nu:Tone) – Official Video

Etherwood – Begin by Letting Go – Official Video

Filming in Cambodia

Filming in Cambodia

Lotus Lodge Team

Lotus Lodge & Ancient Adventures Cambodia Team

Filming in Cambodia

Filming in Cambodia

Etherwood – Souls Apart – Official Video

Etherwood – One Day – Official Video

Etherwood – Weightless – Official Video

Etherwood – Hold Your Breath – Official Video

Out & About in Siem Reap – Monk Blessing with the Lotus Lodge Staff


Out and About in Siem Reap – Cambodian Space Project

cambodia space project - events siem reap

cambodia space project – events siem reap

Ancient Temples & The Cosmos

For those of you interested in the cosmological aspects of the many Ancient Temples around the world, this a must see documentary.

Recent technological advances show several theories that suggest there was a ‘great plan’ according to ‘ancient belief’, linking the pyramids of Giza, Easter Island and the Temples of Angkor.

Angkor Wat Equinox Sunrise

Angkor Wat Equinox Sunrise

Our starting point in time is the dawn of the Spring Equinox in the year of 10,500 BC. The alignment of the stars of the Constellation of Draco of that morning are mirrored exactly by the layout and positioning of the Temples of Angkor, built some 11,000 years later. Even if one disputes the computer and satellite evidence, it cannot be denied that Angkor Wat lays at exactly 72 degrees east of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt and 72 degrees west of Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean. We now know that the pyramids were built to catch the light of the stars on special dates and they were laid out to mirror the constellations. All these precise calculations were done in order to bring “Heaven and Earth ‘closer’ together for the benefit of the people”, according to ancient Egyptian writings. So if that is the case in Giza, why not in Angkor?

Another is the number ‘72’. It is a primary number in a sequence of numbers, which are very much linked to the constellations over a period of 25,920 years. They show the Earth’s axial procession to vary by one degree every 72 years. The importance of this number is demonstrated to us by the Khmers at the Bakeng Temple, where there are 108 towers surrounding it. 72 divided by 2 equals 36 and 36 +72=108! So again, the importance of the primary number of 72 is shown to us. Also, the number 72 features throughout in the construction of the pyramids of Giza. Just how this knowledge was shared with the Khmers in the building of their empire some 11,000 years later is not known, but clearly it was!

August 10th, 2013 – Journey With us to the Remote Temples at Koh Ker & Beng Mealea


Leaving from Lotus Lodge, Siem Reap      


Koh Ker Temple, Cambodia

Koh Ker Temple, Cambodia

Beng Mealea Temple, Cambodia

Beng Mealea Temple, Cambodia

Koh Ker Temple, Cambodia

Koh Ker Temple, Cambodia

Please Call 098871903 If You Would Like to Join! We are Departing at 7AM – Returning Mid Afternoon

Dinosaur at Angkor Temple

This is an interesting look at one of the many Bas Reliefs at Ta Prohm –

At least two very significant books testify to the authenticity of the stegosaurs carving. Ancient Angkor was first published in Thailand in 1999 by River Books Ltd., Bangkok. A small picture of the carving is seen at the bottom of page 143. On page 144 we read, “Along the vertical strip of roundels in the angle between the south wall of the porch and the east wall of the main body of the gopura there is even a very convincing representation of a stegosaur.”

stegosaurus - siem reap cambodia

Stegosaurus at Angkor – Siem Reap Cambodia

The large, beautiful 320 page book, Angkor, Cities And Temples, by the same author and photographer, includes a half page picture of the stegosaur sculpture. On page 213 the author describes it as “an animal which bears a striking resemblance to a stegosaurus”.


Stegosaurus Image