Sabai Moto Adventures

Sabai Adventures

Sabai Adventures

Sabai Adventures is an excellent way to experience the beauty, history and culture of Cambodia.

Sabai Moto Adventures offers guided tours where you drive your own moto bike through fascinating landscapes and visit ancient temples.

Sabai Culture is an enriching program that takes you to experience the historic heritage of art, technology and spirituality of the ancient empire.

This initiative is created to improve the life in Cambodian communities. SPP is a pure non-profit program with the aim to support areas in education, living standards and employability skills for locals.

Profits from the Sabai Culture Tours are used to purchase supplies for school facilities and support local schools. Our team also volunteers in languages training to build stronger foundations for the future of many local people.

SPP also established oversea contacts to schools in Europe, North America and Australia for the purchasing of educational supplies.

The Multimedia Culture Exchange (MCE) between schools from overseas and Cambodia will create a new form of interactive communication. MCE connects youth of different cultures and will show them what they accomplished with their support and donations. All funds and donations will be documented on film to show where the support is given and the lives it affects.

A school class in Germany fundraises $500
 to support a rural school in Cambodia. The MCE video will document the use of the donation to purchase school supplies or build a fresh water well. The documentary will be than send back to the class in Germany so the children see the result of their support.
We also donate to every supported school a computer with Internet access to give the children the possibility to stay in contact with their partner school and to use it for educational purposes

Sabai Adventures

Sabai Adventures

Let us ensure you have an unforgettable adventure in Cambodia! For Inquiries or to Arrange a tour, do not hesitate to Contact Us! 

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