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Out & About in Siem Reap – Monk Blessing with the Lotus Lodge Staff


Out and About in Siem Reap – Cambodian Space Project

cambodia space project - events siem reap

cambodia space project – events siem reap

1967 – Jackie Kennedy in Cambodia – Old Photos & Footage

Jackie Kennedy in Cambodia

Jackie Kennedy in Cambodia

Jackie Kennedy and Norodom Sihanouk in Motorcade in Cambodi

Jackie Kennedy and Norodom Sihanouk in Motorcade in Cambodi

Jackie Kennedy in Cambodia

Jackie Kennedy in Cambodia

November 1967. In the three days that Jacqueline Kennedy spent strolling through the ruins of the 600 temples at Angkor, the noblest remnants of Asia’s past, she could almost be the private citizen she wished to be: the ordinary tourist looking, touching and marveling. Jacqueline Kennedy and her escort, Lord Harlech of Great Britain, tour the ruins of the Bayon Temple, a 16-spired citadel of the ancient Khmer Empire. Mrs. Kennedy and Lord Harlech later picnicked and toured the ruins of Angkor Wat, fulfilling a dream she has had since college days.It was a brief respite, however, on her tour of Cambodian Prince Norodom Sihanouk’s Khmer Kingdom. Flying from Pnompenh to the port city of Sihanoukville to dedicate a street named for John F. Kennedy, Jackie soon had to cope with her host’s propensity for using her presence as a publicity platform to the world.

As she left Cambodia for Thailand, Jackie was visibly tired, as well she might be. Sihanouk was not only a demanding tour guide but also a difficult—and at times embarrassing—host. While Jackie was in Angkor, he had called a press conference to lecture the captive visiting newsmen on his pet peeve: references to “tiny” Cambodia in the foreign press

Jackie Kennedy in Cambodia

Jackie Kennedy in Cambodia

Watch more Old Videos of Cambodia or Old Photos here.

Ancient Temples & The Cosmos

For those of you interested in the cosmological aspects of the many Ancient Temples around the world, this a must see documentary.

Recent technological advances show several theories that suggest there was a ‘great plan’ according to ‘ancient belief’, linking the pyramids of Giza, Easter Island and the Temples of Angkor.

Angkor Wat Equinox Sunrise

Angkor Wat Equinox Sunrise

Our starting point in time is the dawn of the Spring Equinox in the year of 10,500 BC. The alignment of the stars of the Constellation of Draco of that morning are mirrored exactly by the layout and positioning of the Temples of Angkor, built some 11,000 years later. Even if one disputes the computer and satellite evidence, it cannot be denied that Angkor Wat lays at exactly 72 degrees east of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt and 72 degrees west of Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean. We now know that the pyramids were built to catch the light of the stars on special dates and they were laid out to mirror the constellations. All these precise calculations were done in order to bring “Heaven and Earth ‘closer’ together for the benefit of the people”, according to ancient Egyptian writings. So if that is the case in Giza, why not in Angkor?

Another is the number ‘72’. It is a primary number in a sequence of numbers, which are very much linked to the constellations over a period of 25,920 years. They show the Earth’s axial procession to vary by one degree every 72 years. The importance of this number is demonstrated to us by the Khmers at the Bakeng Temple, where there are 108 towers surrounding it. 72 divided by 2 equals 36 and 36 +72=108! So again, the importance of the primary number of 72 is shown to us. Also, the number 72 features throughout in the construction of the pyramids of Giza. Just how this knowledge was shared with the Khmers in the building of their empire some 11,000 years later is not known, but clearly it was!

August 10th, 2013 – Journey With us to the Remote Temples at Koh Ker & Beng Mealea


Leaving from Lotus Lodge, Siem Reap      


Koh Ker Temple, Cambodia

Koh Ker Temple, Cambodia

Beng Mealea Temple, Cambodia

Beng Mealea Temple, Cambodia

Koh Ker Temple, Cambodia

Koh Ker Temple, Cambodia

Please Call 098871903 If You Would Like to Join! We are Departing at 7AM – Returning Mid Afternoon

Hun Sen Set for Victory in Cambodia’s General Election

Hun Sen

Hun Sen

It was a firey week here in Siem Reap with the anticipation for the July 28th elections. Campaigners in the hundreds took to the streets of Siem Reap all week honking their horns and blaring election noise on their loud speakers.

Although the election results are obviously in favor of the CPP, it is an important election in Cambodia. It was only a few months ago that President Barack Obama was in Cambodia. Obama became the first ever U.S. president to visit Cambodia. During his visit he emphasized his concerns over the Cambodian leader’s poor democratic leadership model and the country’s worsening human rights abuses. Prime Minister Hun Sen is Asia’s longest-serving prime minister, ruling for 28 years.

The US and other countries had said the exclusion of Opposition Leader Sam Rainsy would call into question the polls’ legitimacy in Cambodia’s General Election. Last week the Government gave a royal pardon to the exiled Cambodian opposition leader Sam Rainsy.

Upon arrival he received a hero’s welcome with thousands of cheering supporters. The US welcomed Cambodia’s decision to pardon Sam Rainsy earlier this month, with the State Department urging Phnom Penh “to allow for his meaningful and unfettered participation in the elections”.

“I have come home to rescue the country.” Rainsy told the crowd gathered at Phnom Penh’s airport after kneeling to kiss the ground. Supporters shouted, “We Want change!”

As the main challenger to Prime Minister Hun Sen, Rainsy has been barred from the elections. His application had been rejected to stand against Prime Minister Hun Sen.

“If I can’t participate, after the elections all the Cambodian people will protest and the whole international community will condemn the result and regard this as a sham election,” Sam Rainsy was quoted as saying.

Reports of violence today over missing names. Rocks were also being lobbed despite police presence.  Military trucks were reported to have been deployed, and water cannon trucks have been assembled on the streets of Phnom Penh. A power outage here in Siem Reap gave a boost to the frenzy as well.

Tonight Sam Rainsy and Hun Sen call for calm after 2 security forces trucks destroyed by angry mob. Sam Rainsy also said in a press conference tonight “We want rule of law, we do not want chaos”.

From what we’re hearing on the ground, it’s quite certain the CPP will win the general election.

It’s a tense weekend in Cambodia, but for the most part, things are as usual. Tourism is still bustling and the sun setting over the beautiful temples of Angkor are always mesmerizing.

#LotusVlog – Little Seugate Starts English School in Cambodia

When little Seugate is not busy at her new school, she’s usually found hanging out at Lotus Lodge. Her mother does Laundry at the hotel and her father is one the Lodge’s Tuk Tuk Drivers.

Lotus Lodge is supporting Seugate and today was her first day at her new  school. Although she cannot speak any english, she is excited to learn. She has a lot of potential and we all wish her the best. We’ll keep you posted on her progress!

Out and About in Siem Reap – Jazz in Cambodia

For all you music lovers visiting Siem Reap, why not check out Jazz night every Thursday in Siem Reap!

Dinosaur at Angkor Temple

This is an interesting look at one of the many Bas Reliefs at Ta Prohm –

At least two very significant books testify to the authenticity of the stegosaurs carving. Ancient Angkor was first published in Thailand in 1999 by River Books Ltd., Bangkok. A small picture of the carving is seen at the bottom of page 143. On page 144 we read, “Along the vertical strip of roundels in the angle between the south wall of the porch and the east wall of the main body of the gopura there is even a very convincing representation of a stegosaur.”

stegosaurus - siem reap cambodia

Stegosaurus at Angkor – Siem Reap Cambodia

The large, beautiful 320 page book, Angkor, Cities And Temples, by the same author and photographer, includes a half page picture of the stegosaur sculpture. On page 213 the author describes it as “an animal which bears a striking resemblance to a stegosaurus”.


Stegosaurus Image

Out and About in Siem Reap – Lotus Lodge Pool Party

Veronica – “Hey, my name is Veronica and we’re here at the beautiful Lotus Lodge in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We all hope to see you all join us tomorrow for our Lotus Lodge Pool Party, Sunday July 21st at 7 oclock, going all night. We’re going to be having an open pool all night, free draft, yummy apps, yummy drinks and best of all, some Canadian Poutine. So we hope to see you all there!”